A List of Palm Oil Manufacturers in Malaysia – Making the Right Choice For Your Business!

October 31, 2021 , Palm Oil


Palm oil manufacturers in Malaysia form a key component of the Malaysian economy, supplying the country with one of the most important food-production resources. Palm oil processors in Malaysia have traditionally been one of the major producers of Palm Oil, being responsible for the lion’s share of Palm Oil production in the country. However, in recent years, palm oil production and exports have declined sharply, with many Malaysian processors either closing down or consolidating, and new, smaller players entering the market. With this happening there has been a rapid increase in prices paid for Palm Oil, leading to calls from the European Food Safety Authority for tighter regulations on the use of palm oil in foods and replace with their good oil alternatives.

In response to the increased demands of consumers for healthier choices regarding the palm kernel oil they use, more palm oil manufacturers have either closed or downsized their Palm Oil factories, and some of those have moved abroad, while others have decided to expand manufacturing capacity to meet the demand of customers in other countries. This has created a situation where consumers in places such as Australia, New Zealand and the United States are unable to get the high quality Palm Oil they have become used to getting. While some of these products are made with cheaper palm oil produced in other parts of the world, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, consumers expect to be able to access the same quality and purity that they have been getting for many years.

The increasing gap between the price paid for Palm Oil and the quality and purity offered by leading palm oil manufacturers in Malaysia has also caused a shift in consumers’ buying behaviour. Consumers no longer prefer to purchase products that are produced using unrefined palm oil; instead, they increasingly prefer to buy products that come from a ‘good’ palm oil manufacturer. A list of palm oil exporter and palm oil manufacturer in Malaysia can help you determine which companies in Malaysia offer the highest quality and purity of palm oil. By doing a bit of research on your own, you can ensure that you end up with products that are made with real palm oil, rather than cheap or counterfeit versions of palm oil. Take your time to find a reputable palm oil manufacturer in Malaysia and get hold of your brand.